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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of replacement parts will you install on my vehicle?

The estimate will indicate the types of parts to be installed on your vehicle. Replacement parts fall into three major categories:

1. New original equipment manufacturer (referred to as OEM)
2. New non-original equipment parts (referred to as Economy, Aftermarket, Offshore, or Imitation); and
3. Recycled parts, referred to as Used, LKQ (Like, Kind, and Quality), or Salvage.

Can I have other items fixed on my car as well?

Yes, but any repairs beyond the original insurance claim will be an additional charge. This question is one heard often by body shop owners and managers. Shops cannot legitimately and legally include non-accident-related damages in the price of the repair. By requesting this, people are essentially asking the repair facility to participate in defrauding the insurance company.

Will my paint match?

Yes! Most of today’s vehicles come from the factory with a base coat and a clear coat finish. The base coat is the colour and the clear coat is a high gloss protective coating applied over the colour. When your car is repaired, the paint (base coat) is matched to the existing colour of your car using a state of the art scanner. It is then applied to the affected areas of the repair. After applying the base coat, the colour is checked one more time for match, and then the clear coat is applied. Most colours require an additional procedure to achieve an exact match called a blend. Proper paint matching requires a high level of skill and sometimes a great deal of patience. Be sure you select a repair facility, like Phoenix Custom Autobody, that will take the time and has the expertise to produce the most perfect match possible.

Once an insurance company issues a cheque, am I responsible for any additional charges?

Any estimate is just that - an estimate. An appraiser can only report that damage which is visible. When additional damage becomes evident as the repair progresses, a claim can be reopened and a supplemental payment issued. In fact, most large collision repairs require at least one supplement to the original estimate. The insurance company then pays the supplement.

What should I do immediately after an accident?

Always see a doctor after a serious accident. Do not claim responsibility if you are uncertain of what happened. Call the police and have an accident report generated, then notify your insurance company right away. Keep any paperwork related to the police and insurance reports for your records, and bring your car to Phoenix Custom Autobody Inc.

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